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If you are unsure of if you need toilet grouting or if you are unsure what type of service you require, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced professionals will consult and recommend suitable services for you.

TAC Contracts offers a wide range of waterproofing works in Singapore. Do call us and we will do a free consultation to understand your needs as well as to advise which solution will work well for your needs.

Toilet Grouting

Do you have leaking problems in your toilet? Call TAC Contracts now. Our trained and skilled experts in Singapore are here to assist you with your leakage issues.


Our Toilet Grouting Process:

1. Toilet Leakage Diagnosis

First, our team will definitely do an accurate inspection of your toilet in order for us to decide if grouting is necessary, as determining the root of the problem is the crucial.


2. Leakage Solution

If we have concluded that your toilet needs our grouting solution, our team will proceed to inject the grout to close up cracks or to seal up holes in your pipe system, etc.


3. Testing and maintenance

Next, we perform our tested methodologies to ensure that there is no water leakage at all and that your toilet is waterproofed. Our team will only use the best grouting solution available in Singapore to ensure your toilet remains waterproofed in the long run.


Key Benefits of Toilet Grouting:

> No hacking required

> Clean and efficient process

> Fast turnaround time

> Cost-effective and hassle-free compared to many other repair methods

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