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residential painting services
residential painting
repainting services

If you are unsure of what colour you would like for your building, we offer an array of free colour schemes for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can also assist you in choosing a suitable paint colour.

Aesthetics are an important factor when it comes to an exterior of a building. Colours play a big part in aesthetics. Here, our professionals are able to offer an array of free colour schemes for you to choose from. We can also advise and assist you in choosing a suitable colour.


After a period of time, paint might start to peel off or fade into a dull colour. When this happens, it is time to engage a repainting service company. TAC Contracts uses top quality paints by trained staff to ensure that your exteriors are evenly and beautifully coated.


As a specialist in this industry along with plenty years of experience, we stress the importance of getting a professional to repaint your property as this type of work requires a considerable amount of effort and knowledge to execute it properly and efficiently.

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